Finally . . .

By Leslie

Finally, the long hot summer appears to be over. Finally we have had delicious, long soaking rains. Finally we and our plants are not wilting, the sun is not baking, and . . . life, especially on a cloudy day (yes, you are reading this correctly) looks just a mite brighter.

We moved to Tucson 25 years ago from St Louis – for jobs, not for Tucson’s weather. I have missed the clouds and the rain – and now they are here. Rejoice!

The goldfinches share our joy – and our bounty. They are plump and very yellow from feasting on our Cosmos, gone now to seed. I love to awaken to them – and my bedside binoculars truly give me a bird’s eye view. Our Mums have swollen buds. Our green plants are green now – not brown. Our Purple Hearts are luxuriantly blooming, as are our Ruellia, Plumbago, Bougainvillea and Queen’s Wreath.

But most of all, it is the smell and feel of the air, possible now with open doors and windows. We have “earned” this glorious weather. I hope that it will stay with us a long, long time . . . finally!

October 2015