February 22nd

By Leslie

Do you recall who was born on February 22nd? Hard to remember now-a-says, especially for our children, who think that most major events and birthdays of important people occur on Mondays! To return to my original question, February 22nd is George Washington’s birthday, this past year “observed” on February 20th. Oh yes, February 22nd just happens to be my birthday, and I’m not changing its date to fit the day of the week . . . ‘though if I had my choice, I’d change it to Saturday or Sunday when my husband is not off volunteering someplace else. But then I never loved celebrating my birthday – ‘twas too young (19 years on entrance) in medical school – and now to ancient, perhaps, at least in body.

As a child in New York it was a great benefit to be born the same day at “the Father of our Country.” We had the day off from school. Likewise, Lincoln’s February 12th birthday was another legal holiday, both in NY and in Illinois, whence I attended medical school. Though truth be told, there were NO holidays in Medical School.

So, do we really need “President’s day” on a Monday in February? If you are not a killjoy, the answer is yes. Who, especially among the working public and school-age children, wouldn’t want a 3-day weekend/holiday? But how about just learning or teaching shoes birthdays we really are celebrating when we celebrate “President’s Day”? . . . and I don’t include mine.

August 2017