By Leslie

Ebola – ‘tis virtually the modern plague. But hopefully, hopefully, it is not. It is on our tongues and in our minds. But, please, please remember that what Ebola is, is more than a highly lethal viral infection whose reservoir resides in bats. Ebola is, most of all, a reminder of “one world.” A world in which there are few barriers – between people and between people and animals.

Amidst the worries of Ebola, please do not forget the violence, the economic disparities, and the hunger that pervades both the developed and developing nations. Do not forget the measles outbreaks that are lethal to the very young and malnourished, and the polio infections still endemic in Pakistan – maiming and killing those (especially children) who are affected.

Yes, Ebola is fearsome, killing seven of every ten who it infects, leaving countless orphans and fear in its wake. Do remember that we must, we can, and we will contain this horrific disease; at the same time we cannot ignore the threats that will continue long after Ebola is conquered. They, too, require our attention and resources. In “one world,” they afflict all.

October 2014

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