Did You Know?

By Leslie

In 1931, Congress established a free library service, a National Library Service, for blind adults. Originally the library provided embossed books, but in 1934, sound recordings (“talking books”) became available. Subsequently the service was extended to include children and then any individuals with physical limitations. Talking books are a boon for anyone who cannot see or read regular print and anyone who cannot handle printed materials, i.e. books. This includes the disabled, the elderly, and wounded veterans. (And it’s great for those who are hearing impaired as well!)

Talking books are supplied on discs which require a specialized playback device. Every two months an updated catalog is provided to participating individuals. Every part of this wonderful service is free. I have loved being a part of this program. I discuss my selections with a “reader’s advocate” whom I call on a toll-free line in Phoenix. For the past two years we even have had a book discussion group via telephone once a month.

I would encourage you to inform any of your clients/friends with decreased vision and/or a physical handicap that interferes with reading to use this service. The application is simple and the entire program is free of charges.

October 2018