Dependence – Interdependence – Independence

By Leslie

July 4th. It has come; it has gone. Independence Day! – Or is it? Out minister gave a wonderful sermon on July 5, and referred to what she called our inter-dependence.

Oh, when we are young and healthy, we believe we need no one, nothing. But, as we grow older, perhaps wiser, and definitely not as healthy, we begin to realize how interdependent we are. (And some of us, how dependent we are.)

Restrictions in life, when one is as disabled as I am, test one’s courage and beliefs. They are a challenge – a challenge to be good, do good, in this world. They are a reminder of our interdependence and of the second greatest commandment, “To Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.” Are not our mutual caring, sharing and commitment acts of love? And, love is liberating and, at the same time, a demonstration of our mutual interdependence. So, whether you celebrated July 4th or not, do celebrate our interdependence, compassion and love!

July 2015