December in Tucson

by Leslie

It’s December in Tucson – and we are told it is winter. But we didn’t believe it that is until this week. Then the temperatures dipped into the 30s at night and it was only in the 60s during the day. The house is cold; the air is wet and cold — and I am cold. Or, I was cold, until the sweaters and socks went on. And until I remembered that where we came from, St Louis, this is just a “taste” of cold weather. There is no ice here, it rarely snows, and the temperatures only occasionally dip below 20.

And it’s almost Christmas. All is almost in readiness. The children’s and grandchildren’s gifts are wrapped and mailed. The house is decked in poinsettia and Christmas cactus, and wreath and ornaments are about to be hung. Cards are being written and eagerly received.

How can we be cold when there is all this warm cheer, love and friendship in the air? – When we have so much – to give and to receive? – When former students, friends and family reconnect with us from far and near, via phone, letters, cards, thoughts and prayers?

Yes, this is December – warm and wonderful – in St Louis and in Tucson. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy, Healthy New year! And PEACE for one and all!

December, 2012

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