Come Rain or Shine

By Leslie

Last weekend Tucson received a wondrous gift, the gift of rain. Depending upon your locality, you could have received as “little” at 7/8” (our house), or as “much” as 2 ½” (my editorial assistant’s location on Tucson’s far east side). But, a little or a lot, I just couldn’t repress the happiness the rain bestowed upon my entire being. I have the opposite of “SAD,” seasonal affective disorder. In contrast to my husband, I get depressed by day after day of blazing sun. He argues that sun is necessary for photosynthesis and life. I argue that nothing, no nothing, can survive without water. So perhaps we need both.

The rain reminds me of “rainy day” fun that I had as youngster growing up in New York City – endless games of Monopoly and Scrabble, endless cups of hot chocolate. The same could be said of snow days. Well, those days have come and gone. But who’s to say that we can’t have “sunny day” fun?! The games are still extant (and believe it or not, not only on computers) and well, we can forego the hot chocolate and replace it with lemonade . . . or even, if you can find it – cream soda!

June 2018