Chinese Checkers

by Leslie

I just finished playing my husband a game of Chinese checkers. I lost. Used to be that I won all the time, but he’s really polished his game. Win or lose, though, it’s just fun.

I enjoy fast moving games. That excludes “thinking man” games like chess, which are sheer agony for me. In days gone by, I used to love a game of badminton – speed without strength – what a wonderful game. A good swim was like that too – just fun watching landmarks pass by – and the competition was as great as you wished it to be. Sometimes I’d pace myself with the swimmer in the next lane when swimming at the University pool. The water was peaceful and playful.

Now-a-days I stick to games that can be played within arm’s reach. Chinese Checkers fits the bill. Moreover, it stimulates my brain, challenges my spatial sense, satisfies my desire for color, and reminds me that pleasure can be had in a century’s old game that requires neither batteries nor the internet nor the need to win.

July 2013

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