by Leslie

They are fun!

Oh yes, you can be overwhelmed by their sheer bulk and number, especially as Christmas approaches. And the more you buy, the more they come.

But what possibilities they portend. Seed catalogs display gorgeous giant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Gift catalogs are replete with wondrous, purportedly useful notions and lotions. Book catalogs tempt even the laziest of minds with tales of mystery and history, fiction and non-fiction, for the young and for the old. Not to mention clothing and outdoor catalogs – who says you won’t or can’t look like the models of the latest fashions? Or that no one will ever use the must-have wares you have been beguiled to purchase.

Who cares? We know, in reality, catalogs make promises that they may, or may not, keep. Still, they bring a promise of tomorrow – a brighter, lighter, and perhaps better tomorrow – which we all can share. So I’ll keep looking for and at my catalogs – and I bet you’ll do the same.

Keep dreaming – and, have fun!

October, 2012

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