Burnt Offerings

By Leslie

I have had toaster ovens for more years than I care to remember. My first one, made by GE, lasted (almost) ‘forever.’ Then it died of old age (and overuse). A series of more short-lived toaster ovens followed.

More recently we had a Black & Decker toaster over. The oven part met a rather early demise, but the toaster apparently worked. So we kept the appliance a long, too long, time.

This past week, my husband finally bought a replacement toaster over. On Sunday he put our English muffins in the toaster oven and proceeded to get me from another part of the house. As we approached the kitchen area, I smelled something burning. It was the English muffins! Bill had been so used to the former toaster taking 10 or more minutes to (barely) toast, that he had assumed that he had plenty of time. ‘Twas lesson #1 ‘bout watching new appliances! So ‘burnt offerings’ were the (first) order of the day.

Oh, did you ever of “twice baked potatoes”? Well, yesterday we had “half baked potatoes” (completed in the microwave) as our new oven has yet another mode of operation that defied my biophysicist husband. He had turned it to “stay off” rather than “stay on.”

May 2016