By Leslie

What is bravery? I guess that it is the opposite of cowardice. But that’s not much help. I’ve been reading novels set during WWII, and I have been so very impressed by the bravery exhibited by so many men and women – those who fought on the fronts, those who landed in Normandy, those who fought in the Resistance – in France and in other countries. These brave individuals sacrificed their lives for the lives and freedom of so many others. There were so very many heroes – both sung and unsung.

What about the refugees fleeing war-torn countries today? Fleeing in unsafe boats to better their lives and those of their loved ones. And the price has been steep – far too steep – in so many instances, like the children washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean fleeing Syrian oppression.

Where are the brave men and women – and countries now? Where are the free individuals and countries that could facilitate the escape to freedom to a better life now? Germany and Sweden have opened their arms. Why can’t we all do the same? It doesn’t even require bravery, only ordinary human compassion.

Labor Day 2015