Botanical Gardens – Some Flowery Thoughts

By Leslie

As we read Jane Goodall’s latest book, “Seeds of Hope,” I can’t help but reflecting upon the importance of Botanical Gardens – to everyone. Botanical Gardens are not only the repository of plants and trees – both rare and common, but institutions of education, preservation, conservation and research. They glorify and beautify our lives and the flora within our cities, towns and countries. They stimulate us and encourage us to emulate the palette presented to us by nature, to utilize the natural healing properties of plants – and even reproduce them in our home gardens.

As a young girl growing up in the environs of the fabulous New York Botanical Gardens located in the borough of the Bronx, I frequently sought the solitude and solace of the banks of the Bronx River as in meandered through the Gardens. Early on I discovered a back door approach and quickly availed myself of a perch above the river, book of poetry in hand and naught but the songs of the birds and rippling water to provide the background music and the solace this inhabitant of a teeming city so desired.

While I no longer live in a huge metropolis, the Botanical Garden remains as important to me as it was so many years ago – providing shade, beauty and inspiration which, up until recently, I could avail myself. Luckily my husband continues to do so. And full circle it has become, because a fabulous exhibit on loan from the N.Y botanical Gardens is on display right now. Do not miss Frida Kahlo – her home and her garden.

January 2017