By Leslie

We have talked about reading; we have talked about writing; we have talked about reading or book groups, and certainly about writing groups. But there has been a major omission. We have failed to discuss books themselves – the very essence of book clubs, of literate society, and so much more.

Whether fiction or non-fiction, a good book is a good friend. It makes no demands – other than to be read; it makes no requests – other than to be treated with care. A good book is a wonderful companion and even provides the means to make new companions as well. What better topic of conversation than discussing your latest, favorite book or author. And, despite the easy access to a truly amazing depth and breadth of information on the internet, I love the knowledge accrued through the pages of a volume perused at my own pace. Call it old-fashioned, even retrogressive, but the feel of pages between my fingers, the appearance of words on a page, illustrations on paper provide an almost sensual pleasure that can only be derived from a well-published book. Ay the never become extinct.

September 2014

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