Book Reviews

By Leslie

I love book reviews. But then, I love books – period. Book reviews allow me to “read” ever so many more books than I could ever read in a 24-hour day. And they provide rich backgrounds into history and other topics that so increase my knowledge – and my enjoyment of books – both fiction and non-fiction.

I just finished reading this week’s New York Times Book Review section. I was simply overwhelmed by the review of “Ravensbruck: Life and death in Hitler’s Concentration Camp for Women.” The sheer brutality and numbers of Jews tortured and murdered presented was a reminder that this was something we should never, never forget.

I tore out a review of a book for my son by another author he knows well, at the University of Pennsylvania – and will send it onward. The review was beautifully crafted by a well-known physician and author, at once illuminating and a joy to read. That, to me, sums up the essence of a fine book review – and why I will continue to read them.

April 2015

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