Book Groups

by Leslie

We belong to a book group. Actually, after living in Tucson for several years, we realized how much we missed the book group in St Louis of which we were a part, and which was a part, small but important, of our lives.

We we decided to start one, years before such groups reached the deserved popularity they have today. We invited neighbors, friends, colleagues – anyone who professed an interest in books. Over the nearly 14 years of its existence, certain “charter members” have remained and others changed, but we remain a group – a baker’s dozen or so – with a common goal: to share and discuss books of all kinds.

We have read books which I loved and rare ones I’ve loathed, and everything in between. But always I enjoy the discussions, learn much from other points of view, and have fun meeting and socializing with people of varied backgrounds and interests. We hail from the U.S., Hungary, Poland and Czechoslovakia. There are retired biologists, social scientists, physical therapists, computer gurus, housewives, and – pediatricians. We’ve read classics such as “A Tale of Two Cities” and best sellers (e.g., “Cutting for Stone”), books on the Supreme Court and U.S. history, biographies and religion. An occasional play or novella even slips in.

Each summer we take a three month break, driving in to our own private summer reading lists, returning in October refurbished and refreshed with new ideas for books we all can share. Have I whetted your appetite? If so, do come join us.

January, 2013

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