Audio Books

By Leslie

I have been listening to audio books for several years. No, they do not replace the written page, but, rather, they are a great addition. That is, most of the time, listening to a well-read audio book is like attending a well-acted play. It transports you; it absorbs you. It lessens any physical pain you may be enduring at the moment.

I am currently listening to the audio book, “The Light Between Oceans.” The sole reader is marvelous; as it takes place in Australia she has a not overdone Australian accent, played with equal aplomb for the male and female parts. Likewise, a book I heard about a year ago, “The Language of Flowers” still echoes in my ear. The whining tone of a non-compassionate social worker of a foster child is still audible to me today. I have chosen this book for our Book Group meeting in November. Thus, I have checked the book out at the library to briefly reread to reacquaint myself with the important details and “talking points.”

I am sure that as I peruse the book, I will still hear the voices that I heard so many days ago . . . and will undoubtedly continue to do so for several years to come.

October 2015