Around the World in . . . 80 Ways

By Leslie

I’d love to travel, not necessarily around the world, but to a few select places . . . like England and France . . . and Holland (when the bulbs are in bloom). But, ‘tis not to be . . . well maybe.

My son Todd and his family love to travel – and do so . . . as do several of my friends. Last Spring Todd et al flew from their home in Philadelphia to France. Subsequently I was the recipient of gorgeous note cards from The Louvre in Paris. My friend, Dorothy, and her husband went on a cruise which included The Netherlands. Guess what present I received on her return? Of course, beautiful stationary from the Van Gogh Museum.

How email is fine for quick thoughts and keeping in touch. But a letter cannot be quickly erased and carries with it a gift – a gift of YOU – and, on occasion, with note cards as I’ve received – a gift of beauty.

So, I may not literally travel around the world, but my literary musings most certainly do so.

November 2016