Arizona Gold

By Leslie

When we lived in St Louis, the arrival of spring was much anticipated. We so looked forward to the end of the long, cold winter and the beauty of nature wrought by the warmer, albeit wetter, weather. Our backyard was simply glorious with pink and white dogwood, viburnum (snowball) bushes, spirea, magnolia and crab apple trees, iris and tradescantia, and later roses and peonies; not to forget the bulbs of all varieties planted by my husband, Bill.

Our yard is so different, vastly different, in Arizona. ‘Tis late winter that is most beautiful here, with a gorgeous carpet of gold and orange African daisies which cover our front yard every February and early March. They are “self-seeded,” with a little dispersal assistance from my husband. In contrast, our backyard awakens late spring and summer with the blooms of peach-colored bougainvillea and rows of gladiolas, purple ruellia and blue plumbago. A special bonus for living in Arizona are the fruit trees, which bear oranges, kumquats and grapefruit. Now, having recovered from the killing frost several years ago, we once again enjoy the beauty and the bounty of our land.

March 2015

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