By Leslie

Last week we celebrated our 36th anniversary. It was a quiet day bathed in happiness and capped by viewing a gentle, non-violent movie, “St Vincent.” No, it was not about an acknowledged saint, but a human being – scarred and flawed – who, despite all, became a saint to the little boy whom he befriended.

There are many saints in our midst – those who do good, just to do good – not for any reward. I have a couple of friends who are very dear to me and approach this category. But, most of all, no question in my mind, my husband is a saint to me – sharing and caring, without complaint, as he continues his numerous volunteer activities.

Several years ago he was the recipient of Ben’s Bells – so I know my view is shared by others. And, even if it weren’t, in the after-glow of our anniversary weekend – ‘tis of no import as I know the man with whom I’ve spent more than 36 years!

September 2015