An Anniversary to Remember

By Leslie

On August 28th we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. And what a splendid day it was! Our Associate Rector conducted a Renewal of Our Marriage vows. Two friends were in attendance. We celebrated with lemon meringue pie – delicious – and lovely white wine. Flowers and flowering plants completed the beautiful occasion.

Although health may fail, and infirmities overwhelm at times, how fortunate is the woman who has and continues to share her life with the most special of men. I am this most blessed of women who has delighted in the adventure – and challenges – of 40 years of marriage.

For, as Edmond Spenser wrote: “Love is life’s end, an end, but more enduring …”

And the French wisely opined: “To love is to pardon everything.”

Finally, as penned in 1896 (for a couplet-writing competition):

Love is a painful thrill,
And not to love more painful still!

September 2019