All Played Out – Never!

By Leslie

This past weekend our daughter and 11 year old granddaughter, Amy, visited. They came from Portland, Oregon, and although the weather was “crisp,” it was sunny. It was a jam-packed three days. My husband took Amy to Bookman’s (all of our grandchildren’s favorite haunt) and the following day to the Desert Museum – which she loved! But lots of “grandma time” was had as well: We played Boggle, not once, not twice, but more times than I can count. Boggle was topped by Chinese checkers – again and again . . . Amy seems to have an almost infinite capacity to play game after game after game! And she is a fierce, incredibly bright, opponent. At lunch and dinner I had to hide behind the refuge of hunger to take a break. But what a joyous time we all had! I used to be worried that I-phones and the internet would replace in-person, “live” (human) contact for the young. I am delighted – if not a bit exhausted – to report that, at least for this young granddaughter, such worries were unfounded. She is not yet “played out” – and neither am I!

February 2017