All I Want for Christmas

By Leslie

My husband has always worn and loved Timex watches. Well, almost always. Several years ago the watches began to fail in an untimely manner. So for our anniversary I bought him what I thought was a tried and true, good old American watch – a Bulova. The only problem was it was difficult to set – in English – and, of course, like almost everything else, it was not American made. And for many other reasons, Bill took an almost instant dislike of it. So some lucky person became its recipient. He bought himself another Timex. Unfortunately, its Velcro band quickly became non-sturdy and the watch light failed.

This past Christmas I got lots of hints – to which I paid little heed. I was not going to purchase a Timex watch for Bill. But come Valentine’s Day, I relented. This time I purchased a watch with all the features he wanted – digital, back-lighting, and a non-breakable (so we thought) watch band. Fast forward – after three weeks of wear, the so-called metal band snapped off the junction of the watch face and band, only to reveal a plastic interior.

Wow! I insisted – you know the principle of it all – upon pulling out any warranty we had. Sure enough – “1 year guarantee.” After more fuss, bother, forms, packing – oh yes, and a check for “handling”, we returned it.

And behold. Three weeks later – a “new” Timex arrived via Fed Ex. I assure you, it will be the last time for this time piece!

May 2091