A Visit from a Small Planet

By Leslie

Labor Day weekend we had a visit from my brother, Warren, who lives in New York City. Okay, Brooklyn, NY is not exactly Gore Vidal’s “Small Planet,” but it might as well be. With no non-stop planes to Tucson, coupled with my brother’s “reservations” (understatement!) about flying, the trip is a supreme act of love.

We celebrated his “un-birthday” (he was born on Labor Day, September 1st), talked and read together, and just caught up. He basked – and baked, unfortunately – in the Arizona sun, and thoroughly enjoyed the water. And we ate well!

Too soon the visit ended and he returned to NYC, and rain; rain not appreciated by those living on the east coast, but very much by those living in Tucson. I think of Robert Frost’s famous poem, which my brother and I read during his visit, “The Road Not Taken.” “I (indeed) took the one less traveled. And is HAS made all the difference.” Warren stayed in NYC and I traveled down a different road. But for all that, and all our differences, we remain sister and brother – a special relationship that persists despite the divergence of paths and the difficulties of travel on those paths.

September 2016