A Visit from a Small Planet . . . Almost

By Leslie

This past weekend I had a surprise visit from my brother who lives in N.Y.C. This was special in many ways. First and foremost, he has an incredible fear of flying and had to make minute arrangements to allay his numerous anxieties. Furthermore, he happened to arrive on a weekend that was incredibly rich in activities and events that really appeal to his “cultured” self: play reading on Friday night at Grace St. Paul’s Espiscopal Church, Poetry Reading & Reception at the U of AZ Poetry Center on Saturday night, and monthly Book Group gathering at our house on Sunday. What fun – for him, for us.

I know how very blessed I am to have such a caring sib – even one who has demons which he cannot face. But are any of us perfect? Impossible! So I will luxuriate in the memory of this visit for quite some time – and even cherish the little bear, marble of course, that might even bring the health and wellness for which it is touted. Thank God for families. They sustain us through the good and the bad times. And this was indeed a very good time!

October 2015