A Very Special Visit

By Leslie

This past weekend I had a visit from my brother and his wife. It was simply wonderful to see him. For most of our lives we have been very close, and we are even closer now. Age . . . and marriage (this past year) have mellowed him . . . and me.

We have lots to share and we spent some lovely hours doing so. He has a talent, amongst others, with words, and spent some time of each day reading to me. Oh, if only we lived in the same city. But then, his friends, his activities, his interests, are all in New York – and I am just not a big city person anymore. The time we share on these visits are thus so much more special. He is one of those gentle, caring people who, to quote my husband, doesn’t have an unkind or mean hair on his body.

Truly this visit was also a testimony of his love – and his wife’s. It was hot, very hot. Even the pool water is hot at this time of year. Tucson really is a test of one’s endurance at this time of year – and visits from friends and family during our summer are important reminders that, despite global warming – even more pronounced in the Southwest – and oven-like temperatures June through September, people and relationships can and will endure. I know my brother will return, I hope soon . . . but it just may be he will wait until fall . . . and our sane weather arrive. Can’t say that I will blame him.

June 204

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