A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

By Leslie

Memorial Day weekend 2017 was memorable in many, many ways!

The Friday preceding the weekend I had surgery for very localized breast cancer. When the diagnosis became apparent the preceding week, I almost – actually initially – had deferred surgery. But, on reflection, that did not seem like a wise course of action.

You see, I had promised a friend of mine that she and her beau could get married in our house the Monday of Memorial Day weekend. And that was not a promise to break!

To be candid, I did not feel terrific over the weekend, but gradually, of course, improved. Monday arrived and, although not bursting with energy, I was ready for the wedding – especially after being able to take my first shower since surgery. There were about ten of us and, after a bit or rearrangement of the living room, and “beautifying” the Arizona room and dining room tables, and living room with flowers, we were ready for the festivities. It really was lovely, and the food and drink just slid right down. But most of all, it was terrific to see a good friend as happy as she was – and is. And, in retrospect, having the wedding in our house, although a ton of work for my husband Bill, may have been just what the doctor ordered to speed up my recovery.

How lucky can you be!

June 2017