A Letter of Love to – The New Year

By Leslie

What will the New Year bring? – new hope, new opportunities, new endeavors? Perhaps the better question is, “What will I bring to and in the New Year?” I can bring joy – in the new and old friends that I have; the wonderful career I have had teaching, caring for patients and their families, writing, editing, investigation; in the books and music with which I surround myself – and most of all for a cherished, loving family – my husband above all.

There is much beauty in the world. Perhaps we rush through life not appreciating it. I remember driving home from work in St Louis during an autumn with trees ablaze in glorious gold and red or arriving home in Spring to gloriously blooming dogwood. Nor do I take for granted the overflowing bougainvillea in our Tucson yard, in the perfumed air of blooming citrus trees each spring.

So, when he cold is turned down as the heat turned up, when pain seems to be unending, I will remember – and hope – and know that there is joy and promise in this New Year.

Happy New Year LAH – writers, readers and “producers”!!

January 2016