A Book Group

by Leslie

We moved to Arizona more than 20 years ago, looking forward to new jobs, new friends, new opportunities. There was much to anticipate. But after several years, we realized we were missing something very special – our Book Discussion Group in St. Louis. We’d net every two weeks with a diversity of folks with a diversity of viewpoints. Everyone, or virtually everyone, had something to contribute. So, after much thought, we decided to create a new book group in our new home. And more than ten years later, and after some changes in membership, we are going strong.

So, why a book group? We have found that we read books that we would have never ventured to read. Some we like, some we loathe, and some we love. But always we profit from the discussion which arises from the book. There is fiction; there is non-fiction; on rare occasions even plays. This year the readings range from “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” to “The Autobiography of Ben Franklin.” There are classics; there are new publications – but always something to talk about. We hail from St. Louis, Virginia, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, New York and New Jersey. Our viewpoints may be different, but we share a love of the written word. Join us, if you wish!


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