A Bird’s Eye View

By Leslie

“Once upon a time” my husband and I went on hikes – to enjoy the beauty of nature, to observe the “birds and bees” – and to enjoy and identify wildflowers. In Missouri we often encountered small yellow flowers that we found hard to identify. The summer we came upon a very knowledgeable-looking couple – bent over, scrutinizing several flowers near the path. So we asked them about the yellow flowers. No problem they replied – they are grouped under the large class of “DYFs.” We were stymied. They retorted, obviously they are all “damn yellow flowers. J

Now-a-days I “bird watch” while perched on the futon in the Arizona room, equipped with binoculars and books. Our hummingbird feeder, put up in colder weather, is alive with activity, as is the cardinal feeder at the back of the yard – both on the feeder and at its base. (Cardinals are sloppy feeders and the dribbled grain attracts diverse birds.) During the summer, our self-seeding cosmos attracts flocks of goldfinches – a joy to awaken to and watch from both bedroom and Arizona room. So, ‘tis not always “log ago and far away,” that I viewed our winged creatures, but right now. Yes, I even have a “bird’s eye view.”

January 2016