By Kat

see the field of weeds,
beautiful weeds.
some people’s weeds
are others’ wildflowers.
how they grow, grow, grow,
ringing in the Spring
with beauty and delight.

some people’s wildflowers
are others’ weeds.
pull the weeds, again and again
as they grow, grow, grow.
pull those weeds,
with aching back.

sing out weeds;
and tell them all
you are wildflowers,
meant to grow.
grow, grow, grow,
to no one’s delight.
grow strong in day’s light.

pull the weeds
and pile them high.
haul them away
to be burned to ash.
in the fire’s light
they disappear, those singing flowers.
the weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds, weeds.

July 2019