soothing the savage beast

by kat

sunday could have been a rough day for me. it would have been my dad’s eighty-sixth birthday; he died at seventy-seven. each year on his birthday, for nine years, i have intensely felt the loss of the closeness we had, our conversations, his intelligence, the comedies we watched together, the laughs we shared.

most of all i miss his hugs. dad was the best hugger i’ve ever known. he was also a great comfort to me in so many ways. most always he knew precisely what to say to help me through a difficult time. and, if he didn’t, there were those wonderful, joyful hugs which could sooth any savage beast!

there seem to be so many “beasts” in the world these days that i find myself taking months-long breaks from the news, just to remember how much beauty there is in life. i am once again becoming more aware of the pleasures in my life and have managed to let go of the worst difficulties. living that way allows for more smiles, more happiness to share with others, more wonder, more joy.

sunday could have been a difficult day for me. instead, this year i found myself remembering with such fondness the relationship we had (and still have). i felt the joy dad brought to my life; i smiled a lot at the very thought of him. and i felt his spirit very near to me, all day.

December 2015