on forgiveness

by kat

lately i have been giving much thought to the importance of forgiveness in our lives. forgiving those who have wronged us, even those whom we perceive as having wronged us, can be a difficult undertaking.

we humans seem to have created in ourselves a need to hold on to the transgressions of others, to dwell on how we have been treated poorly, and even to hunt the opportunity for revenge. i don’t know how this happened but i do know that the only person we are injuring is ourselves.

by harboring ill feelings toward others we create a constant state of ill will in ourselves. ill will simply begets ill-ness in our bodies. it is important that we understand that, in this way, we create our own reality.

it is our thoughts and dreams and visualization which travel out into the universe and reflect back to us. our thoughts become us. a constantly angry person continually releases cortisol into the body, which eventually becomes the very target of its own anger.

with these thoughts in mind, i now face the daunting task of letting go of anger and sending out forgiveness for every unkind act i can remember being the recipient of and holding in my heart, some for a very long time.

from the bully who left ugly notes in my lunch sack in the seventh grade (who i now understand was simply projecting her own pain); to the co-worker who did her very best to place my own work in a poor light; to my mother, who was insecure in her own worth and attempted to protect me from overshooting by dampening my own sense of self-worth; to my own adult children who have inadvertently hurt me because many years ago i hurt them.

which brings me full circle; for the person i most need to forgive, is myself.

September 2016