no greater love

by kat

there is no greater love than
a mother has for her children.
ever may they know that love.
ever may they know that
humans make mistakes.

ever may they know the love,
never may they know the agony
of their mistakes. may theirs
be small, inconsequential errors
without devastating consequences.

a mother’s love knows no bounds.
they must know that by now.
the only bounds are the ones
we foolishly create, fallible
humans that we are.

a mother’s love surrounds her
children, whoever, wherever
they may be. however they view her—
in the past, in the future,
or, especially, now.

this very moment is the one.
this very moment carries in
it the seeds of the future; is
the only moment that can
change everything.

living in the present moment
is the only true way to
release the past, which only
exists to learn from and let go.
and it no longer is.

it is said that a mother’s love
can cure anything, though it is
the wisdom to let go and begin
again with renewed hope
and forgiveness which cures.

we are three hearts in pain,
unnecessarily. love still connects
us three. love always will.
we need but to recognize this
and allow it – act upon it.

with love, all questions
can be answered, all sorrows
forgiven, changes made,
understanding reached.
a mother’s love is strong.

a mother’s love is strong
enough to encourage herself
and her own. no mother
would desire to wait until
her next life

to encourage her children
with her love. the love given
then will differ from that
offered now, and both
are offered without strings.

both are important for a
full life of living in the
present, whenever that
present may be. hurt can
be healed.

hurt CAN be healed. soak up
a mother’s love, life-giving,
life-affirming, endlesss, boundless
love. we three have all been hurt,
prompting words said

better never said. hurt CAN
be healed. it can be healed with
the love shared by us all, if we
let go of fear and allow love
to fill our hearts

we need not be afraid of what has been
or might be said or felt, we need only
know the love, healing love, love born
of the two births of two beautiful children,
a mother’s love, her children’s love.

my mother’s mother, my father’s mother,
my own mother, and i have all made mistakes
as have all mothers for millennia, creating
unnecessary pain, for which we all are
eventually forgiven. if we but give

ourselves to the love we know we feel,
eventually can be now. Though
our human selves feel risk of more
hurt, letting go, allowing love
is never a true risk.

allowing love is what we were born to
do and it is what we three can do
to heal and renew. Always
remember that there is always
a mother’s love for you.

August 2015

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