my truth

By Kat

today i know that i am a strong, capable woman (being). many years of my life were given over to the mistaken belief that i was never enough, that nothing i attempted was ever enough, never right. well into my thirties, i had a friend tell me, you are such a strong woman. surprise and disbelief reverberated throughout my being, so much so, that it became immediately essential to my life to ask my friend to repeat what he had just said.

i needed to take in this assessment, which was an entirely new concept for me, to examine it, to taste it. did it belong to me? it sounded more like the kind of attribute i would admire in another, but his words were stated with such certainty, that i was compelled to “try on” this new idea of myself.

after some reflection and much review of the struggles i had been through, i discovered that, yes, i WAS, in fact a very strong woman. those experiences which i had formerly thought made me small and showed my vulnerability were the very ones that created strength in me. these were not difficulties which had “befallen” my life; they were the very experiences from which i grew strong. then, the “aha moment”: i suddenly understood that it was my own strength that had gotten me through those difficult times. i was not a victim but a survivor!

i looked at myself in a mirror. for the first time in my life i saw the woman looking back at me as the strong, capable, loving, intelligent being i am, and understood this to be my truth. i felt connected to every living being. i saw myself as a unique and wonderful being who is also an integral part of the universe itself.

how could i NOT be strong? my truth today – i am a woman of strength and courage, an adventurer, a lover, a writer, a teacher, a healer, an artist, and more – a being of love, connected to all other beings.


November 2017