by kat

color; vibrant, bright, beautiful, soft, muted, matching, random, flowing, precise, simple, intense color. i have always loved decorating, mostly for the opportunity to play with color. though i despise the prospect of moving, when the move is complete, i begin to look forward to re-decorating.

when my children were small, i bought them coloring books. my daughter and son and my partner’s daughter were all set up to begin coloring. when my partner and i pulled out our own coloring books, my daughter, aghast, declared, “you two are just over-grown kids!”

with a great deal of delight, i recently discovered coloring books for grownups! my neighbor and i poured over the selection at michael’s (craft store) eagerly sharing what we found. now we share coloring time in the afternoons. using gel pens and colored pencils, we create wonderful displays of color on the pages filled with myriad designs, complicated by tiny spaces.

not only does this give me an opportunity to relish color, but the process takes my mind away from troubles. for both of us, i think, coloring is a joy, a meditation, a release, and a healing method.

May 2016