Wild Ride

by Jim

Wow what a wild ride! The Lend a Hand writing group started three years ago.

We started at the church, then we went to Sherri’s house, and then to Laura’s house. A few stops in between. Guess What? We are back at the church.

Lesley was our first teacher, but she left to teach in Japan. She was gone about two years. Sherri took over for a while. Then Jim tried to keep the group together for a year. Guess who came back? Lesley.

Now for the Good Part
Our Great Writers

Who by the way have over 200 stories on the internet.

The original group was Betty, Ruth and Jim. As time went by, Ginni (aka Elvira), Mike, Liz, Mary and Vivian joined the group. Little by little they dropped out, all of them very good writers. Vivian and Mary just went away. Mike and Liz left for health reasons. So we got the original three, plus Ginni.

We have some new people to help us out, so we might as well go for another three years.

September, 2011

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