Why Me?

By Jim

Recently I went to a well known department store. I got everything I needed in about fifteen minutes. Time to check out. There were at least six people in line. I counted 20 checkouts and only one person working. I waited a half hour to check out.

“Oh well.” Off to the bank. Here we go again. One teller working, but ten checkouts. Not too bad; only 20 minutes to cash a check. I have one more stop, then home to relax.

I’m at the grocery store – just six items. No Problem. The place was busy. All the cashiers were busy and had lines of people. “Oh look, an empty cashier.” I almost ran to it, just beating out a lady with a full basket. She glared at me. I smiled. I put my stuff on the counter and the cashier said, “Oh, just a minute or two. I’ve got to change this tape and I’ve never done this before.”

Why me?

May 2014

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