Walking Leaves

By Jim

Most mornings I watch the sun peak over my patio wall. Part of my wall is lower than the other, so the sun shines in faster. If you watch the patio floor you can see the sunshine. After a while, all the flagstone is covered with sun.

Then the fun starts. The lizards come out, one by one. They gather wherever the sunshine is. I count 8 or 9 or them. They must have some way of communicating. They stay in a group and take off in all directions. Some go to the cactus, some to the orange tree, and some cross the sidewalk and head to the rocks.

If it gets cloudy or shady, you don’t see them. Guess they head home. There is a pipe in the bottom of the patio wall for drainage. I guess that’s their house.

One morning there had been a bad wind storm. The patio was covered with leaves. I went and got the broom and dustpan. As I headed for the sliding door, I saw the leaves walking away.

June 2015