Two Beautiful People

by Jim K.

Two normal people met in the middle 30’s – they dated, went out, had dinner together, enjoyed the company of each other’s parents. On Sunday, June 7th, 1936, Lucille Deckert and James Kennedy got married.jim27-sm2

They bought a house on Sherrill Road in East Hampton, Long Island, New York.jim30-sm2

In January 1938, that had a son, James E. aka Jim. He should have been a twin, but the other child died. Jim was in and out of hospitals for years. In 1951, docs said he had to move to a drier climate.

By 1952, Lucille and Jimmy and their son left their house, job, friends, relatives, and moved to Tucson, Arizona. The first 5 or 6 years were pretty rough on the family.

Lucille and Jimmy have passed away, but the son lives, all due to
Two Beautiful People.

3 responses to “Two Beautiful People

  1. I loved Two beautiful people by Jim. It just so happens that I knew those people personally. They were my wonderful grandparents who were never short on hugs and lots of love. They were truly wonderful people.

  2. Michele Brubaker

    I love Jim Kennedy–man of many talents–now writing!
    Jim, keep growing those stories like your gardens, they will keep generating “oohs and aahs” and keep on reseeding themselves as others read.

  3. Jim: What a lovely poem of gratitude to a mother and father who greatly loved their son – – indeed, enough to change their entire lives, uproot the family, and move across the country for their son’s health. It was wonderful to see photos of these Two Beautiful People, so the reader could visualize them as well as read such concise, descriptive words about the Kennedy family – – then, and now. Thank you for sharing your poetry with me!

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