The Story

by Jim

I heard the doctor say, “You’ll have to take him to a big hospital in the city. They have so much more testing equipment there.”

“Oh, no,” I thought. Dad got the car ready and we went on our trip to the city. About four hours later I checked in. I was put in a ward with five other kids. My bed was next to the door. All I could see was a little bit of the hallway and once in a while a nurse would walk by.

The kids seemed to be going home one by one. I thought that was good, until one day I was all alone in that big room. They would take the tests early in the morning. So the rest of the day, you could stare at the wall, or sleep, or read. The lady came by about two in the afternoon with a cart and said, “Books?” I looked at them. I had read them all, some twice. This was getting boring. That night I asked one of the nurses if I could be moved to the side with a window. “No,” she said. “I’ll have to walk further to check on you.”

Within an hour, people were there moving me to the window side. It was great. I looked at the nurse. She smiled and said, “Fooled ya, huh?”

I was on the third floor. I could look out the window and see a tree. It was fall, so the leaves were falling to the ground. In the courtyard they had a picnic table and some metal chairs. They were covered in leaves. Once a day a man came out of the first floor with a rake and a broom. He cleaned everything and took out the leaves. Next day it was covered again. Soon the tree only had a few leaves on it. It was starting to remind me of that story by O’Henry called “Last Leaf.” One by one the leaves fell.

One day my mom and dad walked in and said, “Let’s go home.” I have often thought about that tree and the “Last Leaf.” But, oh well, it’s just a story.

February, 2013

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