The Hole

by Jim,

As I was standing in the bedroom I heard “Pop! Pop! Bang!”

“What gun shots in the day light?” I thought. I peeked outside. A man was across the street yelling in a cell phone, “Shut the f—–g water off.” To his left was a geyser of water going straight up about 50 feet. I guess a water pipe broke under the street.

Cars came by and people got out and looked down the hole. Most people were dressed nice, so they were on their way to work. It was interesting watching the people – more cars and trucks, people looking down the hole, they guy yelling in the phone – this was like a three ring circus.

I went in the house to have breakfast, and the noise got louder, so I took my oatmeal and went outside. A big truck was there and a bunch of people were looking down the hole. After they left, a man in a blue suit showed up. He put a large rock over the hole. The water didn’t go up any more, just side to side, right where he was standing. He got soaked. He ran to a truck and turned and shook his fist at the hole. He was saying something, but I didn’t understand.

I walked out to my mailbox. The road was like a river, water from curb to curb.

Around noon I walked out of the house to meet my driver. A City truck had just pulled up. I was gone for an hour. When I got back, there were big orange cones in the street. I guess to show people where the hole was.

March, 2012

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