The Garden

by Jim

They say opposites attract. Boy is that true. My mom and dad were so different from each other. Dad was rough and tough, and his way of talking would make a long shore man blush. Mom, on the other hand, was sweet, loved everyone and everything.

In 1955 they started building a house. In 1956 it was finished. Mom wanted gardens after gardens. She would look for a plot of land and Dad would dig it. She looked for every nook and cranny she could find. At one time there were so many gardens that a magazine company took photos of it.

Mom would find a piece of land and Dad would dig, take the weeds and roots out of it. He would smooth it all out, and put fertilizer (not his words). Mom would put in seeds or bulbs or whatever it needed. Dad would rake it, and stand with his arms in the air and say loudly, “GROW YOU S.O.B. GROW!” (not really what he said). This went on for years and years.

One time I had gone home to visit and Mom showed me a small garden, with nothing in it, not even a weed. I said, “What happened to it?” Mom said, “He didn’t say his prayer.”

The house and land was sold about 60 years later, and that patch of dirt was still bare.

November, 2012

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