The Bell

By Jim

I used to go to yard sales all the time. But I stopped driving and sold my car. So I was housebound. A friend said he was going to a sale, but I’d have to find my own way home. OK!

He took me close to the yard sale and said, “You’re on your own.” I walked the rest of the way. When I got there, they had a huge table with glass ware, ash trays, sun glasses, pots, pans, all the normal stuff. Except in the middle there was a brass bell.

I needed a bell like a hole in the head. It was strange, but I liked it. I asked the lady, “How much?” She said she would check. Off she went. In the meantime, I found a vase I liked. She came back and said, “50 cents, like everything else on the table.” So I gave her a dollar for the bell and the vase. I got a ride from someone that lived close to me.

When I got home, they guy across the way from me asked, “What did you buy?” I showed him the bell. “Wow, that’s worth some bucks.” That’s brass and was made before China went into mass production.”

After a while I looked up “bells” on the computer. That was a mistake. Do you have any idea how many different bells there are? Hundreds at least. I looked at bells, bells, and more bells. A week or so later I quit.

A year or so later, I talked to people about the bell. A friend found a picture on the computer of a “Chinese Gong” that looked like it. Also about the same time, they had some prices — $9.99 on the low side and $500.00 on the high side. I think I’ll take the high side. But in the meantime it will sit on the shelf, collecting dust.

July 2014

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