by Jim

Most mornings I get up real early. I look out the east window. What do I see?

An old brown wood fence, and I mean old! Some of the slats are gone, some split, some waving in the wind. On the other side of the fence is a large truck. I used to call them bread trucks, but it would be more like a UPS truck, except this one is white and rust. To the right of that is a 60’s Dodge pick-up; it’s green and rust. Next to that is a Studebaker; it’s rust only. Then comes the motor home; it’s tan and brown. In the middle are some boats – an outboard, a sailboat (no sail), a pontoon boat, and a kayak. Most are white with some rust on the metal pieces. The little bit of ground that does show is covered with weeds.

All this, and come rain or shine, I still get to see a beautiful sun rise.

Nov, 2011

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