Speed Bumps

By Jim

In August 2009 I wrote “short shorts”.  Some people didn’t like it or understand it. But I liked it and that’s all that counts. The next thing I’m writing is a collection of quips, saying and other odd things.

This is “Speed Bumps”

  1. A tavern in town had a sign outside “our beer is colder than your ex-wife”
  2. An ad I hear on the radio “open every day of the week, closed Tuesday”
  3. Did you know there are 284 bathrooms in the pentagon
  4. Why do people wash their hair before going to the barber? It’s like trimming a tree before cutting it down
  5. One jell-o flavor that  flopped-celery
  6. Did you know some Mexican pottery is made in China
  7. What’s with the French?

We have the French open

We have a French horn

We have French toast

We have French fries

We have French onion soup

We have French vanilla Ice cream

and my favorite…The French Kiss!

If you don’t get a chuckle out of this! Just think; there is more on the way.

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