Some Assembly Required

by Jim

Have you had to put anything together lately? Well, the first thing you do is get out the instruction book. Oh, by the way, this is for a “hibachi,” a very heavy, small charcoal grill. You will notice that the parts are A, B, C, like that. The right rear leg is “B,” the left rear is “E.” The short screw is an “S,” the long screw is a “S.” The nut is an “N,” and there are 22 of them. No words, just arrows.

You attach the left rear leg by holding it in your left hand. In your right hand you have the screw “S.” In the other hand you’re holding the nut N”.” I’m not sure about you, but I was born with two hands, not three. I read this book over and over – nothing.

In my dream – turn it upside down, balance the legs, hold the screw and the nut, assemble. It worked. Don’t read the book, just go to sleep.

June, 2012

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