Snow Day

by Jim

A couple of weeks ago it snowed in Tucson, Arizona. It was so neat. I looked out the kitchen window and I couldn’t see the house next door, the snowflakes were so big. It had rained, so they didn’t stick.

The e-mail was buzzing, the phone was ringing, and the cameras were snapping. The photos were on the T.V. and computers. SNOW IN TUCSON?

It reminded me of walking to school as a young boy. The snow plow would go down the street and pile the snow next to the sidewalk. The business owners would pile it on the other side. So I should be walking in a giant tunnel (with no top). Sometimes I could see the sky. The only place it was real bad was a road that ran across. You had to stop and peek out of the tunnel to see if anyone was coming. If the road was slippery they blew the horn and would slide right past. I walked past there for five or six years and never saw a crash.

Oh, by the way, it’s going to be 80⁰ in Tucson next week.

March, 2013

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