Silly Little Stories

By Jim

  1. Bees, Butterflies, Blooms. Does anyone know it’s January?
  2. When we had that cold snap, I watched TV. One ad said, “Open every day. Closed Tuesday.”
  3. I’m fluent in three languages – English, Sarcasm and profanity.
  4. Even duct tape can’t fix stupid.
  5. Did you know Easter is on Sunday this year?
  6. Just got over yesterday and along comes today.
  7. Everyone says February is a short month, but I think it’s long. After all it has eight letters.
  8. Watching ads on the TV is really funny. Have you seen all the ads for drugs? They have at least 20 side effects, even death. If you have any of these – call your doctor. What? I’ve seen some goofy things on TV, but these take the cake.

February 2015

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