September to September

By Jim

On Sept 15th, 2008, I joined the Lend A Hand Senior Writing Group. Best thing I have done in years. I’ve met so many people it’s unbelievable. Our teachers are Michelle, Sherri, and Lesley. Lesley has moved away but she started with us.

There are so many drivers I can’t list them all; the names I remember are Laura, Mike, Ken, Dan, Carolyn, Jane, Allan, John, Michelle, and Sherri.  Those are all I can remember for now. They take us to meetings, field trips, get togethers. What a wonderful group.

Then there are our great students. We had a lot of people join but only a few stay. I think it takes special people like Betty, Ruth, Laura, Jim and our new person Liz.

We are not only wonderful writers, we also go on field trips. We have been to the zoo, Green Things, DeGrazia studio, Winterhaven parade, Woods library, The Center for Creative Photography, Arizona History Museum, and Sabino Canyon. Laura even took some of us on the city bus for the first time in our lives. Then we went to the downtown library and Café 54.

Speaking of Laura, she’s a teacher, a student, a driver, a helper and a very good friend. I met her as a driver when I was going to the doctor for my arm. When I joined the writing project there she was. She takes us to meetings, coffee, field trips and the library. Laura has meetings at her house. She has tea and sandwiches to try and get more people into the program. She also organizes breakfast at the Egg Connection. She invites us to a family barbeque and her birthday party. She goes out of her way to help people. She is truly a special lady, plus her egg salad sandwiches are the best!

For me it’s been a great year. Let’s do it again!

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