Ring Ring

by Jim

Ring- Ring. “Hello?” “Hi, are you behind on your mortgage payments?” “Gee, I don’t know. Let me look.” About 10 minutes later I go back to the phone. “BZZZZ.”

A half hour later. Ring-Ring. “Hello?” “Congratulations, you have won a free trip to the Caribbean.” “That’s great,” I said. “That’s the tenth one this week.” Click, BZZZZ.

Two hours go by. Ring-Ring. “Hello?” “We could refinance your house.” “Oh, wow. Send me the papers.” “We could get you $50,000.00.” “That’s wonderful! Boy, the landlord will be happy.” Click, BZZZZ.

The next one said, “You have a perfect driving record.” I should have, I thought. No license, no car. “We can lower your insurance payments.”

Next, “We have a salesman in your area.” “Send him over,” I said. “What is your address?” “You know where I live if you are in the area.” BZZZ.


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